Our Techniques

Building Smart Kids (BSK) is a learning and growing experience that fills the gaps in the areas most needed. This organization helps in the development of skills to all children including the ones in most in need of help. Every child is different in the way they learn. Every child deserves to have the personal teaching they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. Sofia Ivanka is the founder of this non-profit. She founded BSK in 2010 when she was in fourth grade. After writing two successful math books for fourth and fifth grade she realized there was more to be done to reach out to the children in need of extra help for school.

What Makes Us Different?



All of our programs are taught in the Montessori style. Montessori means having materials that will cater any and all material to all three learning senses of a child, kinetic, auditory, and visual. It is a form of education based on the concept of exploration and always asking the question “why?” about everything. This allows for a child to thoroughly understand all the information given to them, and later being able to build on that information.


Low Student to Teacher Ratio:

Our student to teacher ration NEVER exceeds 10:1. This is essential in the learning process, as it allows the opportunity for all children to ask questions and get them answered. It creates a more focused group and individualized attention. This attention gives the teacher a chance to understand the challenges of every student and respond accordingly.


Customized Curricula:

Before beginning the program year, we like to sit down with the teacher of each school we will be tutoring in. Most districts have a set curriculum stating what a child in that grade should learn that year. But, we like to make sure what is the teachers schedule like, we check when his/her students will be learning what. And from there adjust our curriculum to run on that class’ same schedule. This is what makes our program much more effective than others. Our lessons are direct supplements on what they review and learn at school, making them always relevant and useful for daily work.


Young and Consistent Tutors:

The majority of our tutors are either seniors in high school or undergrads. For there to be a relaxed environment adequate for learning, our students need to feel like they can relate to the tutor and that they are equal to them. Having a younger tutor that goes throughout the year and attends every lesson gives our at-risk kids a sense of stability, consistency, and security; all of these leading to the best learning environment.