Recommended Books

Are you smarter than a fourth grader in Math? Just ask a fourth grader. This book is written by a fourth grader for fourth graders. Sofia Ivanka wanted to create something simple and straightforward that could be a starting point for practical, everyday thinking for every kid.

The problems reflect friends and food – what fourth graders like to think about. Kids, parents and teachers will delight in this practical and helpful approach to understanding math.

Includes: Multiplication, Double Digit Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Decimals Adding and
Subtracting Decimals.

This is another book created by Sofia Ivanka at the end of her fifth grade. Fifth Grade Math Rules includes the areas where fifth graders
have most problems with.

Includes: Decimals, the introduction to geometry, and fractions.

This book is a comprehensive guide for a Spanish speakers struggling to understand the peculiarities in the difference between The Fórmula of Language: Basic the Spanish and English vocabulary. It
contains demonstrative images for clear understanding. Perfect people of all ages, including kids.